Girls, what do you think did I do something wrong?

this is gonna be kinda long so please bear with me , i'm a shy guy i don't talk to girls a lot because i'm usually too shy , there's a girl from school that i have been texting and i've grown very fond of just texting her makes happy and makes my heart skip a beat she actually usually posts blushing emoticons when i say something nice and she said that when she does this she's happy , i kinda screwed up two times it was my fault kinda but i tried to talk to her again and tell her i overreacted and she said it's okay no harm is done and we're still friends i told her i made her something to make up for my screw ups i knit her a scarf she was a little excited and surprised i could knit and she said its really good , then for her birthday i wrote her a poem but she didn't really react or answer my text , i asked her if it was bad or i embarrased myself she said it was good but she was out at her birthday party and didn't have time to respond , recently she takes too long to respond and sometimes never responds and i think by now she would realize that i at least like her but she doesn't show anything instead she sometimes ignores my texts , did i do something wrong she used to ask me questions and talk more now it's like 5 messages from me and 1 from her , i pointed that out and she said that nothing is wrong i shouldn't worry and she isn't mad or anything she just isn't the type to talk a lot , did i do something wrong do i have any chances with her i told her i'm making her something else but she said she didn't want anything more than the scarf and asked why i did this i told her i like making things to her and these show how dear she is to me and i do them when i'm thinking of her and she just posted a blushing emoticon and a monkey covering its face.
poem link if you're interested to read :
sorry for the essay and the many details. thanks in advance

also she said after i told her i love making things to her that she didn't know what to say i told her she doesn't need to say anything just letting me talk to her is the bst reward she can give me and she just posted 2 more blushing faces


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  • Where is the poem? I can't see it

    • there you go :
      this is a special time of the year
      a girl was born , to my heart she's so dear
      Writing a poem to her is a pleasure
      as her happiness is my only treasure
      This poem isn't much but i suppose
      this is the least i can do to our school's lovely rose
      I'm gonna say it even if i'm shy
      her lovely smile just lights up the sky
      And no matter how many girls i might speak to
      there's a place in my heart kept only for you
      May all of your worries just fade away
      i just wanna wish you a happy birthday

    • Aww.. that is really pretty. Very special ☺️🌹

    • thanks

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  • You will find someone as sweet as you one day. Don't change just to please this girl who doesn't appreciate your efforts

  • Well, partially because your gifts were a little old school, also you were probably sounding a little needy.

  • I think you came on too strong and scared her