When your sleeping do you like to pull your girlfriend/boyfriend closer to you?

Say your sleeping with your girlfriend/boyfriend and when you guys go to sleep your by eachother. (Like spooning position) Later, you wake up out of your sleep in the middle of the night to see your girlfriend/boyfriend has moved 15 inches away from you. (Not on purpose, because she/he moves in their sleep) Would you pull them by you? Maybe if you guys were in the spooning position?


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  • I don't let her sleep with me. She has her own bed. After sex, go to your own Damn bed, I want to sleep.


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  • I would leave them alone, I don't touch people when there sleeping, because if I wake them up than, I may get smacked. Some people are grumpy in the mornings.

  • Sometimes, but rarely. I prefer my space when sleeping.


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