How do you meet guys while in high school?

My school is pretty small, and there isn't a huge variety or selection of guys to choose from. I'm actually 16 and will be a junior next year. There are guys at my school who are physically attractive, but most of them are seniors, and a lot of them are also jerks. I'm sort of shy when it comes to strangers, so I won't go talk to random guys. In high school, you are so limited, once ur 18, u have so many more options. Also, I feel like most guys are attracted to girls who look like Victoria's Secret models, or are at least really skinny. Im not saying that's true, and I'm not accusing. Being a stick figure isn't natural. I just want to know if anyone has any ideas on my question about meeting guys in high school. And guys, are you actually attracted to really skinny girls? Or do u like a girl who has curves and maybe even a few pounds of extra weight?

Also, is there any ways to meet guys outside of school? Like, r there any websites or something? I have no idea lol. Besides going to parties, because they're full with drugs and alcohol, and that's not the best way to start off with someone lol


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  • Skinny girls are repulsive to me. I like them thick and soft, with plenty of meat on their bones.

  • How do u express ur interest and how do u show wirh ur body language that ur socially available?

    • Well I mean if a guy starts talking to me, then I will talk to him, but if I have a crush on a guy, then I won't just go up and talk to him, because that takes a lot of self confidence. If a guy jokes around with me, I will tease him back and everything, I'm just not good at initiating things, because rejection is terrifying and would definitely hurt. It would make me more self conscious, and it would be embarassing,

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    • So true, I will try to do that hahaha. Thanks for the advice 😊

    • I rove u too baby 💏
      I dont think u need to look for and wide cuz im alrdy right here next to u 😉

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