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You start dating someone and, you know they're not perfect, but you don't see the flaws. Eventually you will see their weaknesses and if you love them, you accept them despite their flaws and imperfections. But the question is. . . at what point in the dating process do you think you should ask them to agree to see each other exclusively? Do you have a minimum number of dates, a minimum length of time, are there signs or clues that you are looking for? Does that decision correlate with the development of a physical relationship?


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  • For me, if the first date goes well, that's about it. I mean, you pretty much know one way or the other by the second date anyway.


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  • Wise one. I feel it should just happen naturally from you 2 connecting with each other. This can happen at any time. Its all about how both of you are connecting. Wise one.