If these guys had 3 days to get a girlfriend or die , which one would have the best chance of succeeding? Which one would be dead meat and why?

These guys all have 3 days or they will be killed. The guys also can't reveal their possible fate to any women he encounters (for the sake of her possibly feeling sorry and pity dating/sex) Here's the guys

Guy 1 is attractive and has money, dresses sharp, but has a piss poor personality.

Guy 2 is frightfully unattractive, makes little money, dresses plain, but has a great personality

Which one has the best chance of not dying? Which one has the greater chance of dying?


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  • Guy 1 is my pick. Why? Because girls have many factors that determine whether or not a guy is arousing enough to be a boyfriend. In this case Guy 1 is attractive, has money, and dresses sharp. Those are three qualities a girl is immediately attracted to. In comparison with Guy 2 who only has one arousing factor to him which is his personality. Which is great but girls need more than three days to put personality before any other trait. Whereas the other traits don't require time to be aroused to. BUT! If this was in the context of a true marriage or finding genuine/deep love then Guy 1 easily takes the cake because personality is the most imports trait for any relationship.


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  • Probably guy 1, because 3 days isn't long and it would be easier for girls to become infatuated with within that amount of time, then once they actually got to know each other she would get bored with him.

    • Why guy 1?

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    • Why would the other guy be sol?

    • I guess it would depend on the girl, but if a guy was "frightfully unattractive" it would probably take longer then 3 days for most girls to look past it.

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  • guy one of course

    • Why's that?

    • Cause very few things can help out being frightfully unattractive and guy one also has money it's just overall better. I don't know what piss poor personality means exactly

  • Guy 1 is the winner... hands down! Donald Trump would be a good recent example...