Do I still had a chance to her and give it a shot for one last time? I need some advice?

This might take a bit long guys..

I've dated this girl twice. The first one has an awkward silences but I think it's normal. It lasted for 3 hours and it went fine. After that I started to like her more and I wanted to see her again but I didn't asked her immediately for that haha. I know it's kinda creepy. So I waited for two weeks before I asked. We started to text again but not to often. There are times she just suddenly not replying in the middle of coversation but I'm fine with it. So two weeks passed and I asked if we can meet again and she agreed. It makes me glad that she wants to meet again. We watched movie and hanging out. She was brushing her shoulder on my shoulder. Somebody said that when girl does that it means she was comfortable with me. The second date lasted for 3 hours again. I liked her more. When I got home, I've received a message from her saying "Hey thanks for the time lately! :)". Things really went fine for us. After a week I ask if we can meet on the next day on her school, she agreed. And at the middle of texting she asked me...

Her: I want ask something..
Me: What is it?
Her: Do you like me?
Me: Yes
Her: Are you courting me? Because it's been a month since i broke up with my ex and nobody moves on that fast and i dont want to make you wait for something that isn't certain. I still need time to fix myself. So i dont think liking me now is a good idea. Courting me now is even worse and you don't wanted to be a rebound right? So can you please give me some time to think first? My decision are very clouded at the moment.
Me: Okay I understand.

I gave a space. I didn't contact her for a month. I tried to text by simply saying "Hi how are you?" but she ignores it. After three weeks she suddenly likes artworks I post on Facebook and after 2 weeks she messaged me on facebook and inviting me to like her friend's photo for a contest. I was like DAMN. What was that... I ignored her. After a week again she wants me to do a favor. I asked "What is it?" She replied please like this etc... So I did. I am confused a bit.
So I did. I am confused a bit. I don't know if she has intention or it's just nothing. But should I try to ask her if we can meet again for one last time?


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  • Sounds like you enjoyed her company and you like her enough to give her some space. This is pretty tough for a guy to do.

    I guess my question back to you would be: what have you got to lose if you meet her again?

    Perhaps, her clouded thoughts are being cleared out? Perhaps it's not all that clear but she wouldn't want to 'miss the bus'?

    I'd give it a go, if I were you. Good luck.

    • Should I ask her out again? What should I say?

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    • Thanks dude, I'll text her this night. I will say what's in my heart

    • Good luck!

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