What does it mean if a guy french kisses you after a first date and then leaves?

So i have had a crush on this guy for a long time (we were friends for about 2 years) and then i sent him an inappropriate message once to get his attention. He replied saying that we should meet up soon if i wanted to. We ended going out for dinner and he made sure to find a nice place to go and eat. Whilst eating he was sort of distant but he kept the conversation going. Then after we were done he asked if i wanted to go for a walk. At one point we were at the bus stop and i soon had to go he said: i guess this is goodbye and then he came close, embrased me and french kissed me. Afterwards he went. he is usually a quite shy guy and none of our mutal friends expected him to do that, i dont think he would lead me on but i am not sure how much this kiss means for him and if i should text him or if i should wait for a text from him. I am also sort of afraid that i might have reacted sort of surprised after the kiss so that might have made him uncomfortable...


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  • not a good sign.