My coworker that I've known for five days has been confessing a lot to me?

I have been burned a lot so I'm hesitant to believe such things... but my coworker (whom I happen to be extremely attracted to) added me on Facebook yesterday and sparked up a convo. At work he is always right there with me because I am new and he wants to help me out. Well today he got ahold of me via Facebook and asked me out on a date. Dinner and a few drinks afterwards and made it clear that he wants to pay for the whole thing, though I have repeatedly asked him if he was sure he wants to do that. He also told me that when he first laid eyes on me he thought I was beyond beautiful. He has told me he really enjoys talking to me and having me work with him. And as I am writing this he just emailed again and said "One day I'm going to make you smile like no other person has". He's always smiling around me and watches me from a distance. Flirts constantly. Tosses things in my direction to get my attention. I just want to know if these signs are something everyone thinks as a genuine and real sign of attraction and interest, rather than a "I want to fuck you" type of deal. Ideas?

Also, my girl friend told me that he is a great guy. He recently just got out of a relatio ship due to his girlfriend leaving him for someone else. I just want to make sure I'm not a back up plan where he has just split up this past month.


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  • do you get a physical feeling, like a tingle or butterflies?

    • Yes I do. And he blushes a lot around me too.

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