Why are some girls not good at expressing their feelings?

Ok so I've been talking to this girl since about November and we've been sort of on/off. We've really just been freinds with ebenfits for the past 3 months or so. We go out for dinner sometimes we snapchat, we text everday but mostly it's a really casual relationship. We were having a convo the other day and she said how some guy upset her and i consoled her but when I brought up a girl at work she got all mad at me about it? What kinda double standard is this? She can talk about guys but i can't talk about girls? Anyways i asked her to explain to me why she was so mad and she said she can't express her feelings. Since then the textings been limited and she quit liking my pics on social media, its been weird.


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  • It's possible she wants to see how you feel about the relationship. It's uncommon for a girl to be completely ok with hooking up for several months, and also ok with you seeing other girls at the same time. It's more likely she's developing feelings, and brought up the other guy to see how you'd react. She's trying to gauge your interest level.


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  • The same reason some guys aren't good at expressing their feelings. Girls are human and have flaws and it looks like maybe one of hers is expressing herself.


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