What is right to do?

I'm dating a guy for 5 years whom I can't marry... because of cast problems... so we had decided to leave when times right.. right when we started to date.
Their is this another guy whom I knw through my family.. my mom is happy if I date him and he belongs to my cast.. and I do like this guy.. I want to end up with him.. and he has been texting me.. asking me out.. he's not aware that I'm dating someone.
I spoke to my boyfriend and told him about the other guy and that I wanted to end up with that guy. He said he's not ready to leave me now. He wants some more time since he has moved to a new place and he's homesick... nor do I want to leave him like that..

And I dnt know what to do I'm stuck in between my past and present
Advices please..


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  • This is a problem where custom and family prevents a person from following their own destiny. There is no reason on earth why you have to accept the custom that your culture dictates. You are an adult by every measure there is, and you have the right to do what YOU feel is right for YOU. Your parents did not bring a child into this world to control it. In this age of globalisation, there is nothing to prevent marriage between two people of any colour, crede, or whatever.

    Do what pleases you. You will still be on this world when parents, sadly, are gone to the next. You have but one life. Don't waste it.

    Take care, stay safe!!

    • Thanks... I would have taken the step but I dnt want to marry my boyfriend because later we are gonna have too many problems. Which I can't explain now.

    • No explanations needed. Don't create problems where they don't really exist. But I understand there are certain issues that are there that have no right to be. Just follow your heart. You will never be fully compete if you don't.

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  • Your wasting your time with your current boyfriend. The longer your with hin the more its going to hurt the both of you when you leave. You can see a future with the other guy you might as well take him up on his offer.

    • I wish I could do that. . but how.. I can't dump my boyfriend just like that when he really needs me... that's the reason I'm stuck.

    • @asker sometimes you have to put yourself first.

    • You can't waste your life on someone you have no future with. You will end up resenting him.

  • Why do you even care what your parents think if it's all about race? Choose the one who you love, not the one who's more suited for your family.

    • My current boyfriend family and my family are very narrow minded and it's worst. And I'm the only daughter to my parents so I can't do this them. I dnt want to marry my current boyfriend because I know we are gonna have too many clashes in future

    • Thanks for ur advice anyway..☺

    • Do what YOU want to do, it doesn't matter what your family's attitude is like.