I'm sad... this guy I met online revisits his profile daily but he acting like he likes me whenever I speak to him... what's going on?

We've been speaking for several months and have made out a few times. He insists that we are going to hangout in the future and that he likes many things about me (independence, smarts, strong willed, etc) and that I'm beautiful.
We Skype a lot, text everyday and have been on several dates, but he's online daily for a few hours. I feel like I'm being played and I honestly belief I don't deserve this. Am I over reacting? How do I end this?


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  • If you're looking for something serious then drop this guy. Even if he does think you're a cool chick, that doesn't mean he's looking to settle down. Try not to take it too personal and move on, sounds like he's not really worth the energy anyway.

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