Afraid to get hurt again or using me?

So We have been talking 5 months, I'm in my 20's (mature for my age, I have a great job and ready to settle down) he's in his late 30's. he was married then divorced with 2 children (does not have full custody), the wife cheated, got pregnant with another man who she is now with. when we first started talking everything was great he seemed like he wanted a fresh start but then after a fight we had (he ditched our plans 3 times and I just asked him honestly if he wanted to stop talking so we weren't wasting time) he got so mad and said "I don't understand what it's like to have kids", I was not being immature but I've been hurt before so I just didn't want to be wasting each other's time of this was a way for him to try and get out instead of being honest. a week later he "forgave" me and we were fine again but something's were different he wasent acting as nice anymore and got an attitude with me he didn't care that we went a week without seeing each other. we would make plans earlier in the day and he seemed down for it then I wouldn't hear from him for a few hours then ask if we were still on and he would say he was too tired or he was getting home too late even if it would be 2 weeks without seeing each other. I get how busy it is to have a full time job but I was even taking my days off on his lighter days or when he didn't have his kids to make it easier for HIM. lately he'll ditch me then ask me what I'm doing a few hours later then ask if I'm with another guy or my "boyfriend" even though I've told him numerous times that I only wanna talk to him. he ditches me more than we hang out but he texts me all the time saying baby and wanting to talk. today we had plans then he said how all we do is fight and how he wants to push me away bc he doesn't wanna get hurt again. I told him that he's hurting me too because I'm not important. then he completely shut down and said he didn't wanna talk anymore today. is this him not wanting to get hurt or something else?


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  • he's just being cautious.

    • even though he constantly ditching me? how can we build our relationship if we don't see eachother? how do I have him let me in?