Bit rusty..need some help

Help! I've got my first date with this guy I really like on Sunday. Now the thing is I'm a bit rusty at this old dating game and now I'm back in the saddle again I'm a bit unsure as to what to do.

We're going for dinner on Sunday and he's picking me up. I really want to make a good impression on this guy and come across well especially as he's made the effort to drive for two hours to come see me. However, that said I don't want him staying at mine (its not convenient as I'm having the floors in mine redone) and I have a feeling he maybe pitching to stay over. How can I get to see again and yet not sound like a cow for making him drive all that way back again?


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  • This seems like a case where the simplest solution is the best. Just enthusiastically let him know through out the date how attracted your are to him. If he's equally interested in you, he'll drive to the end of the earth to see you. During the date, be sure to casually explain your home situation, so that later if he does ask to come up, he won't see it as a spur of the moment excuse.

    Good luck on your date!

    • Aw thank you that's really encouraging!

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  • Being the fact that you're in the grown category(love it), you are a woman, and deserve to be chased after. If what you want is dinner, and nothing more, then please tell him before he makes teh drives. Women should be sought after, and back in the day, this was the standard. But now we have made it too easy for guys, to where if they buy a meal, they have expectations. And even if your floors were done, it still wouldn't constitute a night cap back at your house. I'm 26 myself, but am a bit old fashioned, so I tend to go on less dates than the average 26 year old. All that being said, I recently went on a date after 3 years of "rustyness", I was myself, honest and upfront, and this grown gentleman seemed to appreciate it. Mature men actually prefer it. So if you call him up and get things settled before he even makes the drive, and he chooses to stay where he is, then so be it!

    • Good thinking batman. Plus I was brought up on the idea of men chase and women choose. I'll defo let him know as he's a bit younger than me, so its probably better I make him wait a bit. He's had to wait a week to get a date out of me anyway! lol

  • be yourself, laugh at his jokes, let loose and just have some good fun! This is a date there is no need to panic. He likes you and you like him and that should be the best time ever. Make sure he knows about the whole floor thing...and depending on where you live you could make it fun and sleep outside. That would require not freezing to death temperatures, but just mix it up and have a blast

    • Well he is Army trained but I dont' know if he's done his cold weather survival training yet..its bloody near freezing outside. But thanks for the advice, had a feeling I should be myself and just see what happens.

    • Lol. no problem. Have fun and good luck =)