How to not get friend-zoned and not look like a perv?

So I love when a relationship is going heated and exciting. Then all of a sudden you either go too far or don't go far enough and the whole thing is blown apart and you are left single again. How to find this balance with girls.


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  • Make your intentions known then all you have to do is go at the girls pace if you go to fast then say I know I went a bit fast but can you blame me and then try again later only next time don't go so fast girls need to feel comfortable the way you do that is by reading their body language and taking it slow so they become comfortable

    • This seems like great advice. This is what I try to do but sometimes it can be hard to make judgements!

    • If a girl says no that doesn't necessarily mean no it could just mean not right now but if a girl just leaves it's evident you did something wrong so don't get discouraged if a girl tells you to stop it just means there are way to many people around and she's not comfortable or she thinks your going too fast and you need to slow down so keep trying

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  • just be nice!


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  • This is the whole mystery, I just hope one day I meet a girl who makes sense

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