Does she like me or is this a game?

I had asked this girl to hangout but she went through her week citing everything that she would be doing and apologized. Now when this first started a few weeks back she had mentioned to me that she was single. I kind of took that as a sign. I had previously hung out with her before that second time. The way things went I was convinced she wasn't interested but this past week has made me unsure. First off we work in the same business but different departments. Don't worry I won't get in trouble. Anyway she mader sure to ask me for help carrying some stuff even though there were other people. I also had to run and look for something she volunteered to come with. I told her I could just have someone else but she insisted on it. Lately as in the past 3 days she has been iniating our conversations on snapchat. I am unsure of how to proceed or what to think?


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  • its just a game.


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