Dealing with a long running and frustrating situation with girl I know , I think she wants to date but we've never dated?

its been going on since i first meet her a couple of years ago at a pub in town , i always had an interest in dating her and though she'd make a neat girlfriend , she was all that and more , and always seemed interested in me. but its always been a diffcult time between us , often communication issues or long gaps when i don't see or hear from her. other girls were also jealous that i liked her so much and not interested in dating them. she's confusing , in that she says she wants a boyfriend so bad yet i'm there rate in front of her interested and she does little to advance things even though its clear she likes me.
i only really see her at that one 1 pub so its been easy to talk to her there but rest of time i'm left wondering whats going on. i did add her on one of her social media sites but it didn't really lead to much. i have tried to date other girls and meet other girls during this time obvivously but have this girl in back of my mind as one of the girls i want more than others and felt i had a realistic chance with. i'm frustrated cause i like her and think she likes me yet we haven't even gone on a date or had sex this entire time and i'm getting restless for something more from her.


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  • she wants to date!

    • I feel that might be the case too but how do I get her out of that pub and away from gf's and people she went to school with and on a date with me somewhere else? that seems to be an issue , I'm not sure if its trust or what , I can't see us having a date there in front of all those people we both know it be too awkward

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  • maybe she wants u 2 make da 1st move then?

    • I have tried to make moves and often went out of my way to talk to her there , I also made contact online or attempted too it didn't lead to much , our in person conversations went better

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