What should my next step be with my crush?

So I told my crush I wanna send her something, so she gave me her address.
I was gonna go to the UPS store and send a package, but I was talking about this on another forum, and because I live likes 7 miles away, everyone was suggesting to just hand deliver it.

They kept saying "dude you keep talking about your crush but you never make a move. You can't just hang out with her several times a year and expect to get anywhere."

I've hung out with her three times, but they weren't necessarily dates. I'll be busy the next two weeks. I'm probably gonna invite her to come celebrate 4th of July with my family. I have known her for a year now and we have texted kinda often for half that time. She is very hard for me to read and I have never been sure if she likes me back... but between hanging out with me, texting me, and letting me send her a package, I think she could like me back.

So, what SHOULD my next step be?


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  • Tell her to join you and your family for the fourth of July if your busy unless invite her out for a coffee and take a genuine interest in her but act as if you want her but you don't need her I say this because you don't want to seem too interested

    • Well I have like all of July and most of August once I get back from vacation, so I think I'll invite her to 4th of July, then ask her out to dinner or something later. And try to establish that it's a date.
      I think I need to confess that I like her cause I'm not sure if she knows...

    • Hopefully it's not too late but usually it isn't the difference between a friend and a guy a girl likes is the sexual tension between them two such as strong eye contact the playful teasing and qualifying her known as flirting then you have the actual kissing and touching so keep that in mind

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  • ask her out.

    • But I have technically done this three times but they were just casual... so how would I turn it into a date, or be able to say that we're dating?

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  • Next time you're with her just get hold of her and kiss her long and deep. You'll either get a girlfriend or a slap but at least then you'll know...
    It may seem a rather unfeeling approach but it sorts it out there and then. In the past I have actually asked a girl straight out for a fuck and guess what? She said yes...
    If you don't go out on a limb then you'll never find out.. Best of luck. we're all rooting for you

  • Don't look at me