Thoughs on asking the girl to go to the beach with me as sort of a date?

i allready know this girl for a while so it wouldn't be first time we've talked it just be a different place for us to be as most of our other encounters have been in bar type settings where we have talked a lot . i just think like the beach be a whole different place to go and more relaxing and fun. it also allow us some alone time away from her gf's and people we know. but then whole beach idea also has its other issues , i know she has a bikini and has a nice body to show off , i'm just not sure how open she'd be to being around me at beach in a bikini at this stage , but then i also feel if she wouldn't even go to beach with me then there is no way she is going to sleep with me so maybe the beach be a good test to see what she'd be open to doing.


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  • sounds good!


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