Should I fake myself?

I met a guy online in another forum but he saw that i used to be married so he thought I still was and now doesn't pay attention to me. i created a new account and actually talked on the phone with him until I couldn't keep up, its so tiring so I dumped him as terry (instead of me). So I thought about creating 2 new accounts. A fake male one (frank) that will ask on the forum if anyone knows my guy. Terry will answer and try to help out the frank by texting my guy. When Terry hooks them up, Frank will ask my guy if he has ever video chatted with me because he did and supposedly don't look anything like my pic. I know he won't reply right away but my guy might get hope that wasn't me. So anyway, Frank will eventually find her through searching and will supposedly tell me i have a "fake" and I will be so upset that I want to prove everyone that I'm me. So I will ask Frank that if he knows others that came across my " supposed catfish " then to tell me so I can video chat with them. Then Frank will get a hold of my guy, explain the situation. Do you think he'll video chat with me?


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  • Evil genius mastermind haha...
    Seriously, if your going to that much effort with someone online, just move on

    • I thought guys liked when a girl went after a guy!

    • This is too intense, let it be

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  • Dont you have a job to keep busy?

  • This is overly complicated.