Do you think he'll call me after I told him I wouldn't contact him anymore due to him giving me the silent treatment?

This guy I was dating started the "slow fade" after a really intense couple of weeks. When I sent him a message, after not hearing from him for a few days, basically saying good bye, he responded that he wasn't through with us yet, and needed to process what he was feeling. I gave him space, but after not hearing from him for another 10 days, assumed he was never coming back and made steps to move on with my life. I think this hurt him. He eventually texted, after about 2.5 weeks, but was very distant and was again giving me the silent treatment/cold shoulder. Once he reached out initially, I would initiate text maybe once a day, but nothing serious and he generally didn't respond. I texted him about missing him, and then we got into an argument, and then he stopped responding (again), in the middle of a heated discussion, so I sent him one last text saying basically that I gave up and I wouldn't contact him again, because it hurt too much. There was a lot of anger, at least on my part, when I sent the last text.


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  • Probably not in honesty..
    Have you met often? Too much drama too it


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