Is it weird to tell a strange girl who you don't know that she is cute?

So today when I was shopping and I saw that cashier and she was around my age and for my standards she was cute and I was thinking, hmm... should I say hi and told her that she's cute? Then later on she left and I didn't had occassion to and at the end I was thinking it was a bit creepy to do it because I don't know her but she might know my friend as he works there.

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  • I don't think it's "strange" at all.

    This is the way people met back in the day, before technology took over. For whatever reason, many people in our generation (especially the women) think it's "strange" or "creepy" when guys approach women. Dating these days has turned into a "Who can get the most "likes" on Facebook or "Retweets" on Twitter, or Instagram followers, etc?" It's ridiculous. Of course, if a man is wealthy, he has nothing to worry about at all.

    I think it's natural: A guy finds a girl attractive, so he compliments here and approaches her. God forbid a guy does this!

    • It's really a big shame because most of the time I prefer to approach a girl face to face in real life rather than through internet which gives me advantage because I'm shy but I still prefer to do it face to face. Well, I guess in future we will need to approach girls via holograms that seems O_o.

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    • @FrenzyPOW3R Thanks for MHO! I appreciate it!

    • No Problem mate, you deserve it x)

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  • Go for it, I tell guys they are cute all the time, and they are perfect strangers to me. I know a girl telling a guy is different, but go for it :)
    Compliments are amazing when you don't tell them in a creepy way.
    Just go casual, like "Hi, what's your name?"
    "Well, Ahsbjhedyfguiegui, you are very cute"
    "Aww, thanks"

    Done XD

    • Does something like this will work?

      I'm aproaching a cashier in a farm shop who I like just to stand there since I'm helping my mum to do shopping and she's away taking the producs to buy would it be weird to do something like this:

      Me: Hey
      Her: Hello or something
      Me: WHat's your name?
      Her: My name is...
      Me: My name is Tom
      Her: Her reply
      Me: You are very cute

      I think it's a bit weird at least but well...

What Guys Said 3

  • Welcome to the age of " Creep Shaming " !! Looks like the man hating feminazis have won the day , male attention is as welcome as Ebola nowadays , this article is spot on , I'm so glad I'm not attempting to date any woman , it's like walking through a minefield now.

    • Why is it like walking through a minefield now, can you expand it?

    • My minefield analogy meant that giving attention to women is risky for guys nowadays , a lot of women seem to dress for attention , then launch an attack against any guy that dares to notice. Hence why most guys do not give them any attention anymore... they got what they wanted !!!

    • It sounds like I'm fucked then... now tell me what to tell them when they complain and cry that they can't find a boyfriend, big LOL, it's rather hilarious in some cases I would say because they want a boyfriend and in the same time they don't want us to approach them. Totally Mind-fuck in it's true colours.

  • ugh... maybe she won't take it in a good way bro...

  • It's fine, some girls like the direct approach.