If a guys does this to you on the first date and he is like this, Does it mean?

You met this guy 2 mos and a half ago, went out on the first date only 3 weeks ago.

1. When you very first met him 2 mos back , he give u a quick kiss on the mouth before saying good bye (you were not expecting that kiss, caught you by surprise)
2. Then on the first date Made out with you kind of sensually. He was the one who approached first.
3. Hug you and when you were in front of each other standing up, you felt he wanted to be close to you so he tight his body to yours.
4. He wanted you to slide your hands inside his shirt from the back and massage his back he did the same to you.
5. Ask you about your past love life (if you had any boyfriend admirers, etc) m but he had shared his past love life with you.
6. During the whole date you had a conversation like 4 hrs
7. He paid for you and him on the first date but he was hesitant days before to pay for an extra but at the end he paid
8. He agreed on a second date and this time you will invite him, especially if it is close to his bday.
9. At this moment he has not told you he likes you like directly to you, maybe is too soon for that.
10. He had shared some of his family stories with you.
11. Sometimes though he does not like to share some things of him with you over text when you had asked him, he ignores the question and moves on to others answers.
12. You both share the same taste in music beause you are in similar ages


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  • he likes you.