Has anyone else noticed women between 18-29 are the most likely to be golddiggers?

I'm not one of those men who complain here on GAG about how all women are golddiggers or how they can't get a girlfriend/wife because they're not rich. However, I do think women in this age group are the most likely to care about how much money a guy has. With my experiences with women of all age groups, the ones older (and even elderly) tend to date men on their personality. Unfortunately, women I interact with are in this superficial age range of 18-29 and most of them will only look at a guy's bank account. I see it all the time. I mean think about sugar daddy men, how old are their girlfriends? Usually in their 20s. Look at Hugh Hefners women? All in their 20s. Look at professional athletes, how old are their wives? Usually 20s. It's quite an epidemic really. It's unfortunate for people like me who work as a manager in retail and my income barely matches theirs.


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  • Because women past that age aren't attractive enough to be gold diggers anymore. After 30, they pretty much have to beg for attention.

    • I guess this makes sense.

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  • You mean people who are not wealthy who don't enjoy the reality of poverty and "starting out"?

    No... That's quite a leap you know.

    • Except most of these rich men never had to "start out", they were born privileged in wealth.

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    • Actually, the more money someone has, the more money that person wants. So yes, even a wealthy person will date another wealthy person to have more money. I personally think Kim Kardashian is a golddigger. I don't see what she sees in Kanye West.

    • I don't want to do this! T_T
      You're right! Etc.