Help! What do I text him back?

What's like something witty to say back lol?
Also do you think he sounds interested?

Him: Let's go for a drink next week? ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: Yeah I'd like that! Shall we go to that pipe place? You mentioned it before lol but I forgot what it's called :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Him: ... the sewers? I don't think that's exactly a hotbed tourist destination but okay ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Lmao the pipe place is this thing where you smoke like these herbs or whatever I don't know, It's legal anyway)

So omg what do I say back?

It's a shisha bar I meant lol


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  • First of all if this is your crush I am so happy for you :) and mr. blondfrog is here to the rescue :P
    here are a few things you could say back if your the goofy funny type this is what you could say
    you- I disagree its a tourist attraction for rats :P
    or you- it might not be a hotbed tourist destination but its a coldbed tourist destination for two rats love birds who wanna have their wedding :P
    The coldbed reference is like a silly little pun :P.

    • Haha thanks!
      Yeah he's sort of a crush, we've been on one date so far lol. I'm still finding out if I like him haha

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    • Oh okay :) glad you moved on hope the text suggestion I gave helps :P have a good one :)

    • Thanks :) yeah it does :D

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  • Just ask him the date and time :D (I can be quite unimaginative at times lol but to the point, that's me)

  • Text him back fair enough gets em' everytime

    • Lmao such a conversation ender

  • Me: Well we're not tourists sooo lets go lay down the pipe. Cheerio!

    • Hahaha thanks for the suggestion

    • yeah np. then you can be like. So after we lay down the pipe, how about you show me your pipe eh?

  • "Yes, Brad. I want to go to The Sewers with you."


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