Should I still try to date or wait a while?

i just broke up with my ex yesterday bc i she wouldn't try to see e she always made excuses on why she couldnt and she would never open up to me. she been hurt a lot but come on im telling her goodmorning everyday im telling her how i feel about her an still she won't tell e how she felt about me i went out with her for about a month and i kissed her only one time and it was a peck i dont think she really liked me fr but we were telling each other we loved each other and i do but i feel like she doesn't back bc she doesn't show it i dont want her for sex i just wanted to see her treat her right show her i care but it doesn't seem like she cared about that or about me i dont think i should date anymore every single time i go through some bs in the firdt month or so i get cheated on or have to deal with racist parents and im really tired i just want love in y life i tired of being poor and not having nothing i want that at least and i dont get girls either i dont know why all the older women tell me i have pretty skin and im very handsome but the young girls ignore me i really just give up im tired of trying to get a girl and she dont want me then my friends talk to them and fuck them and diss them and i can't even get the time of the day nice guys really do finidh last and im tired of being nice these hoes wanna be hoes thats how ima treat em for now on


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  • you should wait a while.


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  • Try to date. Time waits for no man.


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