He acts hot and cold?

We have been in the same cicle for 10 years. He has told me he likes me multiple times. Although i likes him too it never worked b/c i was always taken. Recently Started talking he said he wants 2 c where it goes. He gets super excited and is all about hanging out and making plans then all of the sudden the next day he gets distant. slow to respond to texts and plans get delayed or fall through. I told him how i felt and he started putting in more effort. right after having sex for the first and only time he got super clingy until he left my house that day... no response the next day so i asked if he was using me for sex he sent me a text with the reply no thats all u wanted and deleted me off instagram and Twitter after i told him he was a dick... immature i know. i texted him a week later that i missed him and his reply. please... please just leave me alone. im like okay... sad thing i like this guy still what should i do

Why does he act this way
His sexual performance was bad... im sure he knew i was unimpressed becuase i told him i wasn't going to call or text him... he made plans to hang out afterwords with me but i just proceded to repeat i wasn't gonna call him. Thats when he started getting super flakey


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  • you should walk away.