Do women enjoy the man chasing after her even after a year?

There's this girl that I am after. I asked her out on a date 3 years ago but she didn't want to date me because she had just broken up with her cheating boyfriend. After a few months of talking on the phone and never actually seeing each other, I almost got Cancer again and I then decided that I didn't want to continue pursuing her. I didn't tell her back then what was going on in my life because I felt she was too young to understand why I pulled away. 3 years later, I came across her profile on MySpace and we have continued to email each other and talk on the phone for the last few months. I even told her the real reason why I stopped talking to her 3 years ago (the Cancer thing).

Since I still don't know this girl that well, I have been communicating with one of her best friends also found through MySpace. Recently they have both figured out that I have been coming to the best friend for advice so that I can get to know a little more about the girl I am after.

I'm very sure that I want to continue pursuing this girl from 3 years ago. We never dated and even though I have dated other women since I stopped talking with this girl, I still think about her a lot.

Her best friend has already mentioned that it does look like I like this girl that I am after but she also mentioned that the girl I want is not physically attracted to me.

  • Its alright for me to get into shape so that I can later attract this woman even if its going to take a year.
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  • I should continue to chase this woman until she finally agrees to go out on a date with me.
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  • I should just cut my losses and move on.
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The Cancer thing is personal so I will not be mentioning further what ended up happening.


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  • I love it when men chases after me. but as long as they don't get obsessive..then it's just creepy. I guess you can keep it in friendly terms. since you already talk to her on the phone, why don't you just ask her out for a coffee or something to catch up in person? if she says yes, then great, see where it goes. if she says no, then you know she isn't interested. Although, do be aware that we tend to agree to meet even though we are not interested in perusing anything romantic with that person. and since the friend already mentioned she isn't physically attracted to you... that can be an issue. knowing me, I know if I'm not physically attracted to the person he'll just end up being my friend and nothing more.


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  • Dude, chasing gets old in a hurry. In high school, this is a fun game of girls playing hard-ti-get. But once we become adults, this sucks. If she didn't want you then, she does not want you now. I have asked thousands of women about this: if a nice guy isn't your type, how can he change your decision of him? The answers were pretty much "No Chance, No How, Not Now, Not Ever" from at least 90% from women. Disagree? Click on my profile's questions for a search. Heard it straight from the women themselves.

    The hell with it, go find someone who is attracted to you. The good news is that you are still young. But don't wait around or else you waited too late and be like me: old fart hiring escorts! (^_^)

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