Should I stay? Or should I go?

Been talking for months, dates and we have kissed. Things have not progressed much though and that's mostly because she has been so hurt in her past. We have talked twice about how I want us to communicate better. It gets better but than after awhile it goes back to where it was. I am trying harder and working more for this than she is and I am stuck between sticking around to prove that I am better and worth her time. Or leaving cause she clearly isn't showing the same affaction I am showing her.
I know she is scared, but I can't be in a one sided ordeal its not healthy..


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  • You have to be patient if you choose to stay or else get out girls who have trust issues take time to gain your full trust but when they do it's worth it

  • Well, I don;t know much from what you said, but she seems nice, so I would stay for now, your under 24, so you 2 have time I think.