Is she interested?

Hi so I have this question. I have been out with this girl for 3 times now. When we text it's fun, she inititate contact sometime not only me. When one day she was not available she offered me another day. So yesterday we met and had a nice day together. During this time we laughed (even at my not so funny jokes), touching me many times (and I her), strong eye contact without getting weird, she played with her hair, biting her lips etc.. So as far as I am concerned she is interested. As I took her back home she opened her hands to hug me in a diagonal way (one hand up and one hand under) she offered her cheek for a kiss but no reciprocating from her end. We talked again and how fun it was and that we should meet again and when I went to hug her again and maybe approach for the kiss she was like pulling her body away as soon as I tried to hug her. I got confused!! Is she interested or not?

I don't know if I should spend time with her anymore. I am not sure if I am wasting my time here or not. Any ideas please?



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  • obviously she was... her reaction says it all :)

    • Reaction as in pulling back you mean? Sorry didn't quite understand that.

    • when she was huggin u i mean

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  • She's interested but she's not ready to be kissed you're probably going to fast and need to go at a rate that's comfortable for her just try again

  • Why don't you ask her?