Can't believe you need a Facebook account to have tinder it's must be shit then or is it?

What so we all think of tinder? Why the hell do you need Facebook aka shit book to go on tinder?


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  • My advice is use a fake name to make a Facebook
    yes sounds kind of lame but I go back on Facebook
    it will be under a fake name.. Hey all them accounts
    they got with trashy usernames why can't a person
    use a fake name.. I gave up on Facebook it's a hopeless
    cause but i do agree it sucks needing Facebook to sign
    up just for a phone app/ website is little too much.

    • thanks for the help :) have you been on tinder?

    • Your welcome :) I never been on Tinder
      but so many people on Facebook aren't
      using their real name and i don't blame
      people we are all right to our own privacy
      is the way i see things.

    • Thank You for Mho:)
      I hope that works for you with Tinder
      glad to at least give you some pointers
      that i do hope may work for you :)

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  • so there's not 500 spam accounts... fb is requiring more rules now to sign up and won't just let anyone create an account therefore cutting down on spam and catfish accounts. it's more so to protect yourself

    • hmm is a bit shit if you dont have a facebook account like me

    • you may just have to create a Facebook account wouldn't you rather know that everyone on these is most likely a real person than trying to meet up with people who most likely are lying about who they are? it would become out of control for people Who actually want to use this site to meet people it would just become a joking website because more than likely people are just going to do it to mess with other people

  • tinder is pretty cool


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  • Fuck tinder, just go outside and talk to girls.

    • na fuck that lol i just wanted to see what it was about thats all lol

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