Me and A coworker like each other. How do I avoid doing something stupid?

Well I like this girl like a lot but we work together and thats not good I already dated a girl in my last job and that was unpleasant. I kept my distance and by my rotten/good luck she told me she was attracted to me over facebook. there was some harmless flirting and I told her we couldnt date because of our job. Now she keeps tempting me outside the workplace and last time it was also in the work place. How can I resolve this I dont wanna end up hooking up with her and making my job unpleasant.


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  • Tell her again that you don't date coworkers. Then minimize contact with her. Mention to a supervisor and an HR person that someone at work is interested in you (don't tell them who) and that you've told the interested person no... just say you're mentioning it to them because you don't want any misunderstandings down the line and you wanted them to hear about it from you (protects you from her getting outlandish in some way).

    If she persists, then file a complaint. Don't tell her about any of that.

    • Well that sounds like a great idea. I'll try to talk to a manager about it

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  • Never date someone u work with. Ever! It always ends bad.

    • yes I know I did once and this is exactly why I'm trying to avoid this

    • Just say no! Or if u like eachother that much, both of u start applying for jobs else where, who ever gets one first has to go

    • I did say no and I keep it casual but its kinda hard to keep it in the pants when a hot girl keeps trying to seduce you... man I've been holdin gup like a champ thank to e net porn lol

  • Deleter her on FB.

    • Already did but we work together and we are on the same shift most the time