Am I able to get her back?

Last year a girl I always like finally came on to me. At first I didn't believe her. I wanted nothing to do with her. She tried her hardest. She would give me hugs, had her friends tell me & had other people tell me. Still didn't want nothing to do with her. eventuality i stopped fighting her advances. we were together for a while. During this I was watching closely. maybe to close. I ll' call her sue. Sue & I had a rough history. In 8th grade she stood me up. In 9th &10th, she always turned me down. I was always thinking she would leave. Enter another woman. I will her Britt. Britt always should intrest in me, always tried. eventually I left Sue for Britt. I WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!!! I developed a crush on her. I also learned she had who I thought was her boyfriend. It was here cousin (who was a little totouchy with her.) This broke my heart. A week or two later, EVERYONE was asking "I didn't know you went with sue?" Me and sue never did anything or even had a conversation. She didn't seem to care. She a dead serious about us. After this, I let britt down gently. I tried tofix things with herher. There were times where ot felt like she would come back. Once Britt even tried to help. A year goes by. I asked EVERYONE for advice. Tell all told to talk to her. I must have blown up her messages. My best friend tolf me that she used to ask about me. Now in her in mind I left her. Imade a mistake. On everything I wish I could take it back. Last year I started to learn more about Britt. Knowing what i know now about the to. I would have picked Sue everytime. I thoght it wad fate punishing me for ruining what what supposed to be. I keep seeing what seem like fate was sending messages. Lebron & Cleveland. The other day on Unsolved Mysteries, they did a piece on a white buffalo, something that supposedly happen on every 2000 years, but a second one was born and was named "Miracle the second chance" I swear I see that phrase every where. I was stupid.

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ANY advice would be appreciated.


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  • it may just take awhile for her to come around


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