Does he hate me or is he just hurt?

My ex broke up with me, I stopped speaking to him and spent that time with my friends. He would send me text after text subliminally begging for me to speak to him again. I didn't respond to those texts because I was so hurt and he eventually stopped. I was on my way to a friends house to have a get together and I caught him walking to my house, well he followed me all the way down the street, grabbed my arm because I wouldn't stop and some guys got out of their cars threatening to hurt him if he didn't let me go. He went back home and the next day I decided to respond to him, well I met up with him and he made a comment accusing me of being with someone else and I denied it. A few days later my friend called me letting me know he drove to my house looking for me, I needed to leave anyways. My ex begged me not to go but I told him I had to.. So he walked me to my car and I left. He ended up making excuse after excuse as to why he wouldn't see me after that, lying about where he was and what he was doing. Long story short I ended up going on facebook, he had one of my friends as his girlfriend on facebook, and him and his cousins were calling me a hoe, saying he doesn't need me anyways etc etc... 11 months of his life wasted etc. I was devastated because none of it was true. He refuses to speak to me and when I reach out he is hostile towards me.. Very demeaning and nasty. I don't know what to do, I told him I didn't do what he thinks I did but he doesn't want to hear it. When we see each other in public he walks in the other direction, the girl he left me for, were no longer friends and she cheated on him. He is so hostile, it's shocking.. I have tried to speak to him. He told me he cares about me and we could maybe be friends but he soon blocked me from all social medias a day after saying it. Does he just hate my guts and wants nothing to do with me or is he just hurt?


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  • What is he trying to do? first he breaks up with you and then he begs you to speak to him again? I don't understand what he wants from you? From the post, I could he is hurt, and in the end you mentioned that the girl cheated on him, so of course he would be angry and hurt, he could be hurt because of you, your actions (because you didn't speak to him when he begged you so much) and from the girl who cheated on him, so both are possible, it's also possible he may not trust women anymore and now maybe he doesn't want any contact with you anymore.


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