Girls, the girl I like has told me tonite I am one of her best mates.. Do I stay around or do I go.. But we also talk 3 or 4 times aday on the phon?

We speak about everything
we see each other every 2 Days and we have spoken about our past relationship
we have also spoken about what we want out of relationship..
there are no secrets at all..
i have told her things I have never told anyone
do I stay around and hope or go?


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  • She's making a play for you, so stay & hope
    Your current status is candidate, so others might be in the running for boyfriend
    only time will tell as you both compare notes and get to know each other


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  • Neither. You make it clear you like her first and then, and only then, if she turns you down, you can go.

    And by making it clear, I don't mean subtly hinting it to her, but full-on telling her.

    It may seem scary, but you don't have anything to lose. So just go for it, and if you get burnt, meh. There will be other women.

  • Sounds like you're her buddy. Ask if she's interested in you, which it doesn't sound like she is, then make a decision from there. Or forever suffer in the friend zone.

  • Maybe because you haven't made a move that's why you're just friends?
    Be more flirty when you talk to her and ask her on a date?