Should I give up?

So I really like this guy! He doesn't live near me anymore (no who I know who knows him does either) I've been trying to get intouch with him! But, he doesn't have a phone and no social media... I've tried writing him... but, letters have been returned... except this last letter I've sent... which I still don't know if he got it or not. Should I try one more time to send a letter? Or maybe just give up? It's been over year... and it's driving me crazy! I've never had the feelings for ANYONE!

Is there something else I might can do to t ry to get intouch with him? (I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how I feel) we just lost touch and he left and I didn't get to tell him how I feel! 😢


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  • If you know his full name you could try that USA search
    i believe there is something you got put little money into it
    and they help find that person and i believe it still does exist.
    It's hard when one moves away and you have no idea
    where they may have went to or have no current address
    I've always used ( free deep web search)
    and ( searches for free but only to
    certain point) ..


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  • one year is too long to wait for some1 whom you possibly don't going to meet any time soon... yes, closure is important but you just can't ruin your entire year (life) over it. As soon as u decide to move on, you'll gradually start to forget about this and may be he has a girlfriend now so even if you meet him, telling him would not matter...

  • That sucks but if its been a year its probably too late. A girl once really liked me but disappeared for no reason that I also liked. just have to move on

    • so there's not even one more thing I might could try?

    • last resort here but you could call into a radio station and mention your story and hope he or someone he knows hears you, bit weird he has no phone or other contact though. don't worry there's plenty of good blokes out there

  • Over a year? Yeah... you DEFINITELY need to move on. When attracted to someone you only have a 30 day window

    • Who made that rule?

    • It's no rule. But a general guide. It starts to just become an obsession when you are feeling someone but not expressing those feelings. And kinda creepy in my opinion. I mean just think about it. If someone is truly interested in you, they'll make it known for sure. And if they don't, why would you want to be with someone that can't commit or make a decision or choice or anything. Just always leaving you hanging. But sending constant letters and messages isn't going to 'woo' them in any way, shape or form

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  • Why he doesn't mobile phone. İ think it is weird

    • He looses them and they get broken when he's working! And they cost too much money so he gave up!

    • He buy a new cheap mobile phone. by this way everything will be all right

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