Do guys approach girls just subconsciously or on purpose?

A guy, when he talks with me or we watch movies together, he always approaches me until push me to the very corner.

Do guys do this to every girl or just the girls they like?

I wanna know if he did it just subconsciously or on purpose?

  • He did it subconsciously, even himself may didn't notice it
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  • He did it on purpose, he wants to have sex with you
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  • Guys only do it to the girls they like
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  • Guys do it to every girl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I never approach because I'm too shy...

    • really? how old are you may i ask?

    • 36 :( :( :(

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  • If you mean he backed you up and cornered you, I would say it's his animal instinct and your his prey.

    • what do you mean? But after he does this every time, he didn't say anything to obvious, well, he indeed puts his arms on me or hands on me etc

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    • It's his job as a man to ask you out. Just do what you've been doing. Maybe the next time he corners you, you could play the role of the submitting, by saying something like, you have me trapped what are you going to do with me? Have fun with it.

    • He's like, more than 6 years younger than me, I feel amusing and like a big sister for him. He asks me out all the time, I dunno how to express my feeling but I feel like I need to ask him out as what an "older sister" should do and take care of a little bro Lol

  • i like to make my intentions known. Subtle, yes. But more direct than not. I feel like its easier honestly.

  • It's kind of subconscious for some guys. Some guys take up a lot of space when they sit down, like in the bus, and they do that even to other guys.

    • well, later he also put his hands on my legs while watching a movie, funny that I just totally ignored it on purpose. Do guys also do it kinda subconsciously?

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    • Lol I tried to do it less obviously lol

    • Well, the first one was a complete failure, because guys actually do that to everyone!

What Girls Said 1

  • Always on purpose. It's a big deal for them to do this