This girl appeared and is causing problems with other girl I know and like?

i've know the one girl from pub i go to for a couple of years now and talk to her all the time and had wanted to date her. the new girl is a close friend of hers , however i did not meet her till this may for some reason she never went to pub before. the new girl just sort of appeared one night and has been causing problems ever since and first girl thinks i have a thing for her and jealous over it. the first girl was getting very close to dating me and is very attracted and interested in me from what i have seen but this other girl she is friends with is pretty much on the verge of destroying all that.

i saw them both last night and new girl caused issues pretty much the entire night , first she showed up with some guy to try and make it look like they were dating when they were not and she just using him for whatever reason. then she'd like be around us all night and i'd try and talk to her and she'd just like be difficult to even get a conversation going with. and whenever i'd try and talk to her other girl would look over with jealous looks. then she also accused me of looking at her lower back area as she was sitting on this chair an odd way you could like she her back area , she does have a really nice butt and i don't deny i have chekced her out but its not like it was a big deal or i really cared to her that.
then i just sort of left and went home for the night , i think the new girl likes me as well and does maybe want to date me too i'm not really sure.
i also just found out online after seeing her profile she appears to be freshly on the rebound after breaking up with her boyfriend a few months ago , i noticed pictures of him stopped around February and i have never seen him at pub and she is single from what i know. so maybe that partly explains her bizare behaviour some nights


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  • Okedokes sooooo first things first, stay the hell away from any girl you meet on the rebound, that is baaaad news.
    Honestly the fact that girl 2 just uses people, also a bad sign.
    Girl 1 seems waaay too jealous, and honestly, I feel it's her jealousy that's making you even take notice of this girl 2
    So. Honestly I'd like to tell you neither of them are worth your time, but you're not gonna listen to that lol. So lesser of two evils, ask girl 1 out, just do it! DO IT. Yesterday you said tomorow, today is that day! So, DO IT!
    Lol... Buuuut more to the point, I have no clue what your question is

    • well I realise the second girl is bad news being that she is on the rebound. I was trying to talk to girl # 1 last night but whole night was very weird with other girl beside us all night. my question was just trying to figure out what to do here and deal with these girls

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    • but one of them is going to be jealous to no end if I choose one over the other , this could get really messy as there like very close friends. however I could see us all getting along down the road if I was dating one and just friends with other after they moved on to another guy but for time being I see things getting worse

    • Here's the real question, why the fuck is that your problem :D
      Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, I think you're seeing yourself as too much of a catch if you think you choosing one will destroy the friendship.
      Do you really want to harm the girl you like over her jealous friend? NO of course you don't.
      Honestly, that's her problem to deal with not yours, at all.
      They're not gonna fight for you. And if they do, then that's not your fault...
      Pick the one you like make the commitment before you hurt her, and hope for the best. Cuz your alternative is juggling two girls (one of which you know is bad news) potentially dropping them both.

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