Girls, Have you done this or why would you do this?

So girls I don't even know approach me and give attention or tease me playfully. Some of the random girls I meet initiate a conversation with me and then they start to mention about how other they find other guys attractive and how some guys are always hiting on them.
Other random girls look at me and then touch other guys in front of me or even kiss them sometimes.

The thing is I am a Quiet and shy person. But if girls hate me for no reason, why are they giving me attention and playing around?


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  • i do this a lot.

    • Thanks :) What is the reason?

    • Please tell the reason?

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  • The thing is you have to keep going to understand if they are playing around or they are serious

  • They might see you as more of a friend or how they'd act to one of their girl friends but at the same time they might want attention from you. I know that if I find someone attractive but I know I'd never be in a relationship with them I still try to impress them or even flirt but the girls might be doing this subconsciously, I know I do.

    • Thanks :) So do you think those girls see me as a friend or are they sexually attracted to me?

      Why would they mention about other guys they find attractive to me?

    • i'm not saying they're all attracted to you some might or some might just see you as a friend. I don't know if the guys they say are attractive are people you know, or celebrities. if it's someone you know their hopes might be in you telling the person, so that it's a subtle flirt with that other person.

    • Thanks :) What are the chances they are attracted to me vs just being friends?

      Also the girls mention about random guys I don't know !!

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