I'm pregnant and he is leaving her for me?

My exboyfriend and i broke up 3,5 weeks ago, i found out i was pregnant 2 weeks ago, my ex had heard 2 days after. He started talking to a girl the day before he found out and didn't think of stopping that while it was still fresh. I didn't know until a few days ago. He begged me to come see him, so i did. In the meanwhile i got a little angry because he wasn't putting in the effort i wanted him to and he wasn't really there for me. There were a lot of mutual emotions and he promised me he was going to step it up from now on but he was also really sweet, began with nothing but in an hour or 2 he was holding my hand and hugging me. I was a little confused since he was "talking to that girl" which i was so not okay with, so I told him that for my own sake i wanted to know what his plans were, i was very honest about me still having feelings for him, that i didn't need him but that i did rather have him with me during all this and that if he was going to be in my life it would just be really difficult for me to deal with him talking to her because he was being "nice" to both of us, and since he was lying about everything to her i wasn't even sure what he was doing with her also that quickly after breaking up? She doesn't know about the situation, neither does she know i came to see him today. I told him to make a desiscion about what he wanted and he would rather end it with her than to never talk to me again. I did also tell him that if he would see her behind my back he would end up in the spot of not being in my life because he would've lied to me. I am not sure what to think because ofcourse i'm happy he chose that i am also kind of sad because he was eventhough it was his choice to do this. Should i believe him that he will actually do it or not?


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  • Don't believe him because he doesn't come off as trust worthy. So to make sure. You should tell the chick that your pregnant with his kid. That way if he is lying he will have to face her wrath on it all, lol.

    • I am just like, trying to trust him but i don't really trust anyone atm

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    • Again best way to make sure if you can trust him. Tell the chick that he had been talking to that he got you pregnant. So if he was lying he would have to face her asking about all of it.

    • Yeah well he is going to break up with her Monday he says so we'll see right