Guys, what happened? Why are you doing this?

There's this guy at work. I didn't like him at first, I have a crush on a different guy, but this other guy always talks to me. Saying things like "what if Lei likes you too?". I said "that would be nice" thinking he is referring to my crush. Then he would say "Ley Martinez " referring to him. Both guys have same name, just spelled differently. Ley and I started talking more, he asked for my number and calls me often, even waits for me to finish work and walks me to the station and comes pick me up when i go to work. Just about everything he does, anyone who sees it can say he was courting me. He even went to my place thrice and met my aunt, she asked what his intention was and he said he was courting me. Fast forward, we started dating exclusively, getting to know each other a little further, everything was so ok, we were happy and everyone at work sees it. But then, something changed. It was this one day, in the morning he made me a latte with a heart in it. I said "was it your heart?" and he said "yes" smiling. Then at lunch he became cold, upon going home together in the afternoon I asked him why he was being cold, he denied it. I was feeling sick that day, and all of the time he accompany's me home, that day he didn't. He messaged me after a few hours asking if I'm already home and that he needs to tell me something. I said "aren't you going to tell me personally" he said "I can't". He asked for space and that it wasn't his intention to hurt me, that he was carried away and wasn't ready for commitment yet. He asked if we could be friends and since I was hurt already, i said "maybe but not now". He didn't reply. It was my last day before my one week leave, I was visiting the countryside and he was supposed to come with me. I message him one day before my report back to work saying I accept his offer being friends than go to work with a heavy heart but he didn't reply so i thought he changed his mind. fast forward again, when I saw him again, it was outside. I was going to the convenience store, he was going in to work. I saw him first, I didn't know what to do so I looked behind me. I looked back, and he saw me then and smiled so i smiled too. and just like that, we walked past each other like we're strangers and that was the last time he ever smiled to me. He's not going inside the kitchen anymore when he always does (he's a captain waiter, I'm a commi chef). What happened?

Thank you. Maybe everything you said is right.


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  • If I had to take a guess, I would say he either lost interest in you or had some sort of lusting rather than real love. When I say lust, I mean a temporary "Oh look she is so nice and beautiful. She is really pretty etc..."

    It is a little strange for him to suddenly go from hearts in a cup to being cold, but there is also the chance that was his last ditch effort to try and court you. When he didn't get the results he wanted, he gave up.
    In any case, there is a possibility that he'll send you one of those "I'm lonely and miss you" messages guys love to send, but I don't think personally a relationship will form anytime soon. Sorry to say. That's my opinion. If you have any questions, insults, misunderstandings, disagreements, haikous, poems, etc. feel free to message or comment and I'll respond as soon as I can.

    • Thank you; maybe everything you said was right. I didn`t see it coming. I was too heartbroken and can`t get over it yet. He took me so high only to leave me hanging, he let me fall and didn`t catch me.

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  • guess he was offended coz u said u r not ready for commitment or u rejected his request for being friends atm

  • One man doing something =/= men doing something.

    Also didn't read your novel, so if what I said is irrelevant then C'est la vie.