Girls, If you tell a ex boyfriend to get the hell out of your life forever, do you mean it? Or is it out of anger?

Me and my ex girlfriend were talking last night and she just snapped! She brought up everything! That I did bad, I mean eeevveerrrytttthhinngg!!πŸ˜πŸ˜” I couldn't get a word in...😞 she called me sooo many names and said she hated the day she met me and fucked me and our relationship was one big lie and I was by far hand worst boyfriend she has ever had. She said I filled her head with lies!
A lot of the shit she said was true but a lot of it was guessing... Then she said I was crazy for some of the shit I did, she said I needed help and I was a psycho!.. She snapped on me. 😨😫 I guess it was all building over the years and even thought she said she forgave me, last nights display was proof that she just burried it deep within her heart😩. Well anyway I admitted I I was wrong and said I'm not crazy, I was just in love and the fear of losing that love drove me to do bad things and lie and love makes people make crazy decisions and lie and do bad things... I told her I truly know Now I have no place in your life as a lover but maybe one day u can forgive me and be my friend and talk to me again but for now I'll step off and stay out of your life... My question is, do you think she meant it or was it out of anger and we might talk again in a few days, weeks, or even month?

  • She probably meant it if it went down like that
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  • She was just really mad. Give her some time.
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  • Keep messaging her, keep saying sorry it might make her talk
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  • She meant every single word of it! Give her some time to cool off. I don't think a friendship is possible though.

    • FUCK!!!

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    • Thank you for MHO
      My pleasure to help you😊😊

    • My pleasure

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  • I think you should leave her the hell alone, I think there could be something in her, that is afraid of you. Stop messaging her, and get out of her life, unless she invites you back in.

    • When I posted this and awarded someone MHO, I did exactly what your saying and I got the hell out of her life, she messaged me on June 25th, my birthday, and she said she misses me... and wants to have my baby and shit

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    • You're both crazy then. Either you're gonna be happy together forever, or one of you is gonna kill the other.

    • Lol ikr

  • She sounds p

    • Only you would find it amusing to see me go through hell like it's all a game... Only you would laugh at my pain

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