Should I keep my mouth shut or say something?

I really like this guy but I keep getting mixed signals. I'm not sure he has really had a serious relationship before so I dont think he knows how to act or what to say. I have known him fo almost a year and when we first meet we really hit it off and a couple days later I friend requested him on facebook and then I messaged him asking him if he would like to go get dinner sometime and he said he would like that. We have gone on a few dates and they have all been really fun. But we will go weeks without talking to each other because I feel like everytime I message him he is always busy or he seems annoyed so I have let him be the one to message me first and like I said, he won't text me for weeks. He also calls me beautiful and darling but I have seen him call other girls that so I'm assuming he just says it to everyone. A couple weeks ago he texted me with a heart emoji and we talked for a little bit and then last week I texted him with a kissy face emoji and he didn't seem bothered by it. So I dont know what to do or say. I dont like playing games and I really wish he would just tell me how he feels but like I said before, I dont think he has ever really been in a relationship before so he might not know what to do either. A part of me wants to message him and tell him how I feel but I dont want to seem desperate or scare him off.


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  • well before you tell him I personally would ask him how he truly feels just be ready for an amazeballs answer that you expected or a totally unexpected answer from him cause he may like you just he doesn't want to be tied down. But you won't know unless you ask him straight forward. Good luck if you take this advice ^.^