First date Friday - no contact and it's Thursday morning?

We're both in the same social group for the last couple months.

Never hung out just us.

He asked me out Sat night and we agreed on Friday.

1. Is it OK that it's Thursday morning and he still hasn't contacted me?

2. He should contact me by tonight latest, right? Out of basic courtesy friends or otherwise.

He's 30, I'm 34.

He did say to me once 'Why on earth did send out a Facebook party invite 2 weeks in advance!'. lol So I think it's his style..and the casualness of how we've been socializing. However, he did ask me out! But it's cool, less pressure


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  • i once had a guy ask me out for a New Year's party two weeks prior to and I didn't hear from him until the day of... I was pretty p*ssed actually. I think it's common courtesy to at least confirm the day before or something. Especially for a New Year's Party. I clearly made my own plans, I wasn't going to stay home in case he didn't call.

    But hey, I guess some people are like that. I say people, and not just guys, because I know plenty of last minute girls. We'll make plans to hang out a week in advance, then the day of, or night of, I get a call, "Hey, so we're still on for tonight right?" So I think maybe it's more of a type of people thing? Or, maybe also in terms of men, they don't want to come off as too interested. They want to play it cool, or so I've heard...

    • So I think maybe it's more of a type of people thing

      ->I agree w the above and he's just not the big plan ahead type. So it's all good.

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    • Hehe thanks so much!

      There wasn't enough chemistry/connection/attraction for there to be anything serious or fun like a kiss. C'est la vie, maybe the next one I hope!! :) :) Thanks!!!

    • Understandable. It's life. Good luck!

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  • Well I suppose he should, but it's not necessary. You just have to trust that he's a man of his word. If he said he'd be at a certain place at a certain time for a date, you have to trust in that and just be there without the extra confirmation.

    Being 33 I can see why he wouldn't call ahead. I would want to make sure she understands that I'm a date, not a replacement husband or boyfriend who is beholden to check in. Apart from that, yes it would be a courteous move.

    • We just said Friday via text. But we haven't set the time or place or what...

      What do you think of that?

      But I suppose the group social things I've arranged have been Thursday late night/Friday afternoon.

    • I think you need to be prepared for anything. Rest assured he hasn't put as much thought into this as you. Just chill, woman. :) Close the damn date book and enjoy the date. 21 year old girlsguy88 didn't need an RSVP I'm guessing. I'm sure it will all be cool.

    • Lol ok I will JUST CHILL and take it easy lol :) :) thanks

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  • dont worry. some people don't call the same day to confirm. a lot of people do though so your probably used to that and thinking somethings wrong that he didnt.

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