If a guy calls you to hang out, what does that mean?

Not just one time but few times already. Usually it is with other friends we have. But then he also texted me once to ask to hang out. I would think this means he is interested. But does being interested mean the same thing as like? There is no awkwardness in our conversations at all, if not mostly laughter and fun teasing. I could feel his arm against mine when we were sitting together at one point too. When I said goodbye to him, he had such a huge smile on his face, although he does smile a lot.


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  • Sounds like he's into you. I say go for it. If you aren't going to make the first real move, and of course if you are into him in return, then next time you're together just give him some physical sign that he's clear to make a move.

    • What are some physical signs to give? Last time I tried and then felt embarrassed about it because he never did any sort of initiation after I "flirted". I tried to make it as casual as possible so that we'll still be both comfortable with the conversations, but I still think he was able to catch what I was trying to do. We also chat on IM a lot too, and he told me he hasn't met anyone that's to his "standards" the next day. When I met him again though, he did ask to hang out again.

    • You have to remember that men have the perceptiveness of a bowling ball. What you may think is obvious could easily go altogether unnoticed. Ask other girls what works for them. But for my part, you can't go wrong with sitting close, going arm in arm, pushing up the chest and giving him a nice big eyes gaze.

    • We have let each other know what we expect the other the party to do in situations like this, both directly and indirectly. Like, we are that open to each other that we tell each other what we expect in the opposite sex. He has mentioned what you have said too, but if I do follow what you/him said, then I'll feel really bad if he has only consider me a close friend all this time. Guys take girls as close friends too don't they? I am always scared that I'm just being friend-zoned.

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  • It could mean that he jus wants to hang out with u. Or he wants to be with you, but if he wanted something to go on he would do some moves, and you can tell by his body language.

    • Yeah you're right. We're just being really close friends now. I had been silly to think that because I did like him when I made the post