My friend is 17 I am 24, do you think long term would be a bad idea?

I've known her for 2 years and we are close friends. Were not dating obviously because she is so young but she has told me numerous times she likes me but I told her she is to young. Her parents know she has a crush on me as it is obvious and her dad doesn't really like it because I am older, anyway I do like her back because she is a very nice/good person but like I said she is to young so I never made a move to take it to the next level.

The thing is I want to get married in like 2-4 years, and even if we started dating by the time she is 18 she will still be to young. If I were to date her I know it would be for a very long time and I dont want to want until I am 29 and she is done with school at 22 before we got married. 29 is to far away, I have my life in order, a great job, my own house, my own cars etc. and I want to find a serious relationship. This being said I have never gotten along with a girl the way I get along with her but how do I know it won't be time wasted, what if she changes in 2 years or 4 years etc?

Just something that has always crossed my mind about her and want to know your opinion.


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  • If you love her why wouldn't you wait? You can't just plan out getting married between 2 and 4 years as if you can just map your life out that way, you have to wait to find the right one and if you don't find anyone within the next couple years who you do love at a level at which you love her I don't see why you'd want anyone else but her, the only way you shouldn't end up with her is for her own sake if she feels she's two young for you, but a relationship with her now is inappropriate.