What are some good "good night" text that I can send to the opposite sex, any suggestions?


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  • Well you could always text her in Spanish something cute even if she doesn't speak the language she ll like it


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  • "good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite" :)

  • "Goodnight gorgeous, I'll talk to you tomorrow c:" is always a classic. "The moon it lulls me off to sleepy land. Until we meet again, your in my dreams." Iambic pentamiter gives you bonus points cx "I must succumb to th e weakness that is sleep. Goodnight babe, I love you."

    • Thanks sounds cheesy but its for a friend that happens to be a girl

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    • Reads like you like your lines old-fashioned. Such eloquent speech is all too often associated with 'neckbeards' these days.

    • I'm not a neckbeard. Just because I appreciate eloquence and wit doesn't make me a neckbeard

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