Should I Give up?

We've been on three dates so far. Last week hr texted me after no communication for an entire week, saying he hasn't heard from me in a while. Then on his way back from Arizona after a gig, he asks if we could grab some coffee because (quote) 'I would really like to see you' that night when he was driving back. I obliged and then later that night he texted 'I really liked kissing you' I told him the same and all through the week we never texted. So I decided to text him Friday saying 'happy summer solstice weekend' but got no reply after a few hours. Then I texted 'just wanted to say hey. I liked it when you held my hand the other night'' that was at 10:40pm and IMMEDIATELY afterward he replied 'awe, you're making me blush' and then another text at 11:07pm 'text me tomorrow' which I did in response to his 'blushing' text. It's been hours and I haven't heard from him. What to think? What to do? Is this a lost cause? Please help, thanks!

(It's like he's into me one minute, but totally not the next) I really dislike playing games. Why would a guy lead me on one moment but totally ignore me the next? Any advice as to what my next move should be?


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  • My guess is that he doesn't like initiating texts.

    • He's always been the one to text me up until now. I will admit that my last text to him was open ended and doesn't require a response: "aw I didn't mean to make you blush" but still, I thought he would answer with a smiley or something lol do you think I should text him again or will that make me seem desperate?

    • Text him an ultimatum. Make time for you in his life with none of this hot and cold or you're moving on. Wait 2 or 3 days at most and then delete him of there's no reply.