Girls do you consider hanging out with your friends and a guy and his friends. Is that considered a date?

well this girl that I gotten to know well offered me,my brother, and a few of my friends. to hand out with her,her sisters,and some friends. is that some what a date with her or just simply hanging out?


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  • That isn't a date. I consider a date being any time me and a guy who I have some understanding that he likes me and I like him, go out together. Its not handing at his place- but an actively going out and doing something.

    • Alright I guess your right, but couldn't turn out to being a date? The only reason this girl offered to hang out because I uesaly always with my brother, she always sees us together. Were twins btw,I guess she thought it was cute to have me and my brother hang out with her and her sisters. Although iam nervouse. Iam attracted to her as the same as she is to me and we both agreed to hang out sisters , and brothers. Sounds like a good idea,right? I known her for a few months. Hangout with hernext wek

    • I think its a good intro leading up to a date. You are getting to know her in her most comfortable state- when she is with family. She is going to be more of herself and will be more relaxed.

      When the night is done, text her how much you had fun, she will probably respond to that, and then you can say something like "maybe next time you and I can do something"

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  • its just hanging out not a date


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  • Hanging out for sure. :P

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