Why does my cousin not like my gf?

Hello g a g so my cousin went to my girlfriend parents house to do some type of work for them I guess he met her and her fammily anyways a week later me and my cousin were together and he asked me about her and if we have had sex and I was like a few times me and my girlfriend are 17 still in high school and then he straight up said he did not like her my parents love her but he dislikes her how come do you have any opinions


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  • You should ask him why, we won't know the answer. And your cousin doesn't have to like her, although he probably has his reasoning.

  • Maybe he saw something else in her that you guys are blinded to see? Ask him straight up why

    • My cousin has been like a father figure to me even tho I have my dad he's always tried to help me out and real likeable guy so for him to say that most be for a reason

    • i agree... he might see get a bad vibe from her, sometimes people can just sense things others are blinded to