Is it easier for a girl to get a date and boyfriend? or easier for a guy to get a date and a girlfriend?

or harder, whatever, because in these type of questions, people either use the word harder or easier. Anyway, when it comes to getting a date or entering a relationship, which gender has it harder or easier? whatever. Personally I think girls have it easier because us guys have to initiate everything or just about everything.

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  • Easier for a girl to get a date and a boyfriend.
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besides, it's common sense and logically correct that it's easier being a taker than going after what you want, having something come to you instead of having to work for it is easier, c'mon, isn't that right?
So which gender has it easier?
Why do a lot of girls think it's easier for guys? for what reasons?
Do other girls think they have it easier initially too?
I like the results I'm getting so far.
In my opinion, there are more guys out there that struggle to get a girlfriend than there are girls who struggle to get a boyfriend.
I think there are more guys out there that have never had a girlfriend than girls who have never had a boyfriend.
I love the answers I'm getting, because it is common sense that it is easier for a girl to get a guy than for a guy to get a girl.
which gender do you think has it easier?
seriously, it's way easier for women
It's way easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than for a guy to get a girlfriend, all girls have to do is welcome our advances or deny them.
anyone else care to vote?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Easier for a girl to get someone. Because guys have lower standards.

    I think its harder for a girl to get the guy she WANTS.

    I personally could get a date with lots of guys... but I wont. Instead I try hard to attract the one I really want, which is me "going after what I want".

    The game of luring a guy in is just as difficult as the game of chasing a girl.

    • My guy friend told me that all or most guys will date and actually have a relationship with just about any girl as long as there is sex involved.

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    • Its true, in order to sleep with a guy, he usually has to prove a decent personality

    • Yeah, even an ugly girl can get a date or a boyfriend, or get a guy to sleep with her.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Guys getting a date / gf.

    There are a lot more great girls out there

    than there are great guys.

  • it depends on the attractiveness and the personality.

  • it's equal. now will you quit obsessing over this? perhaps this is why you have problems getting girlfriends.

    • What?

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    • Fine whatever, you win. now stop updating this stupid question because I'm sick of getting notifications with you saying the same freakin thing. girls have it easier. life is unfair for guys. I'm so sorry. not will you shut up?

    • Geeze, as long as it is not your problem, you shouldn't be worrying about it

What Guys Said 2

  • Difficult to say but from my experiance it seems to go along with age. From about 16-25 I would lean more towards being easier for women and from about 26-35 I would lean more towards it being easier for guys.

    • Why do you think it gets harder for women as they get older? but easier for men as they get older?

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    • Put up with the ammount of sh*t that younger girls will. As I said 26-35 are looking for serious relationships. 4th Dominance? - Think of it this way 26-35 year old should have a car, a job, and a place of there own. If he moves in she will be extreamly dependant on the man. He has the car, he is making the money and he doesn't have to answer to his parents.

      Sorry for making this so long got carried away, well hope this helps you out.

    • Seems almost all women have a little bit of a gold-digger side to them

  • It's way easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend, because us guys have to do all or most of the work in order to get the girl, like we have to initiate a date, and the relationship, which means we have to make the first move and ask them out, that means starting all the conversations and talking, flirting, etc.

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